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Rock Mulch & More is happy to help you determine the amount of landscaping or aggregate supplies you will need for your project. If you're wondering whether a yard of topsoil or mushroom compost will be enough, or how many tons of 57 limestone gravel you'll need to cover your driveway, we have the answer.

Step 1: Pick the material that you'll need, and then just enter measurements for the area to be filled to get the correct amount of material. If you aren't sure what supplies you need, visit any of our product pages or search by project.

Select Material Unit
 2B/57s Limestone   Ton
  2A Limestone   Ton
  1B Limestone   Ton
  2B Oversized Limestone   Ton
  1B Modified/Fines Limestone   Ton
  #3 Limestone   Ton
  Gabion Limestone   Ton
  Rip-Rap Limestone   Ton
  Shot Gravel / Pea River Gravel   Ton
  2B River Gravel   Ton
  2" - 5" River Gravel   Ton
  Eastern Seashore River Gravel   Ton
  #3 River Rock   Ton
  3/8" - Dust   Ton
  Masonry Sand   Ton
  Concrete/Highway Sand   Ton
  Screened Topsoil   Yard
  Unscreened Topsoil   Yard
  Fill Dirt   Yard
  Bark Mulch - Double Shred   Yard  
  Leaf Compost   Yard
  Mushroom Compost   Yard

Step 2: Enter the length, width, and depth of area to fill

Length (feet)
Width (feet)
Depth (inches)
NOTE: depth is in inches, not feet

Step 3: Click Calculate to get amount needed


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