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Rock Mulch & More is your Pittsburgh, PA coal company. We offer a wide variety of coal types to heat or power your home or business. We deliver as little as one ton or as much as full tri-axle loads. See all of our coal products and their common uses below.

Image Material Description
Anthracite Nut Anthracite Nut
  • 1 1/2" - 3/4" in Size
  • Often mixed with wood in wood stove or used in manual feed coal stove.
Anthracite Rice Anthracite Rice
  • 5/16" - 3/16" in Size
  • Usually used for stoves with automatic/Gravity feeder.
House Coal House Coal
  • 2" - 4" in Size
  • A softer coal usually mixed with wood or in a manual feed coal stove.
Bagged Coal 40lb Bagged Anthracite Nut and Anthracite Rice Coal
  • Can be purchased as a full ton or by the bag.
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